Horse Boarding & Care You Can Trust

Stable your horse with professionals who care about your horse, you, and your partnership together

Horse Boarding & Care You Can Trust

Stable your horse with professionals who care about your horse, you, and your partnership together

Discover Our Naturally Balanced Approach to Boarding & Care

At Yankee Folly Equestrian Center, we are dedicated to treating your horse with the same love and attention to detail that we treat all our wonderful equine partners. Our private boarding program is available to horse owners who share our love of horsemanship, are striving to develop a strong partnership with their horse, who put their horse’s well-being and happiness first, and who want their horses handled with the upmost respect and experienced care.

Spaces are limited as we only work with a select amount of horses to ensure detailed and personalized care for each horse and owner.

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31 Yankee Folly Rd New Paltz, NY 12561

Each boarder at Yankee Folly Equestrian Center experiences a personalized care plan for your horse and access to our beautiful facility with the following amenities:

  • 10'x12' matted stalls with bedding, cleaned daily

  • 24/7 hay in slow feeder hay nets (we strive to feed a variety of quality hay to meet nutritional needs)

  • Quality hay pellets in evening with ExcelEQ Oil

  • Free choice loose mineral salt (in stalls) and blocks (in turnout)

  • Daily turnout from sunup until sundown, weather permitting

  • Handling for farrier, vet, chiropractor or therapist

  • Blanketing available (owner provided blankets)

  • Application of fly mask, boots, fly sheets, fly spray (owner provided)

  • Horses handled only by professional and experienced horsemen

  • Shared, boarder-only, tack room and space for personal tack box/storage

  • Outdoor wash rack and indoor wash stall (with hot water)

  • 72’ x 180’ Indoor arena

  • 100’ x 200’ sand outdoor arena

  • 70’ x 120’ sand outdoor arena

  • Jumps available for use in each arena

  • Arenas dragged & watered

  • Large outdoor round pen, small outdoor and indoor round pens

  • Large outdoor obstacle course (under construction)

  • Close to Mohonk preserve trails

What Others Have To Say

"Isidro and Amber are great to work with- honest, friendly, fair, and most importantly, they put the horse first."


"I can't recommend Isidro enough! Honest,Hard working and Kind.He has a gift with horses and is very fair and unemotional in his training methods. You can see the horses really respond in a positive way to his calm demeanor."


"I just picked up the sweetest little filly mustang from Amber and Isidro and truly feel like I won the lottery. This filly is confident, curious, and whip smart. She was clearly cared for extremely well during her time at their ranch. She is healthy with a gorgeous coat, mane and tail, and she loves people. The foundation on this filly is rock solid. Amber was easy to work with, responsive, and kind. I highly recommend Isidro Espinoza Horsemanship if you are thinking of adopting a mustang or need training."


Frequently Asked Questions

What does our forage-based, grain-free feeding program mean?

Horses will have access to a variety of grass hay 24/7 in slow feeder hay nets, both in turn out and in their stalls at night. We use a variety of hay throughout the year to keep horse’s diet diverse to meet nutritional needs. We inspect each load of hay to make sure it meets our standards of freshness and we will test hay periodically to make sure it is providing the proper nutrients. Once per day we feed an alfalfa or grass hay pellet (depending on each individual horse's needs). Most horses will received between 4-8lbs of pellets. We top their pellets with a plant-based balanced Omega oil called ExcelEQ ProElite. It is a camelina oil grown specifically for horses and has Vitamin E. Horses are turned out on grass pastures during the day, weather permitting. Horses also have free choice access to salt 24/7 (loose salt in stalls and blocks in turnouts). If you have supplements your horse requires, we are happy to feed it if you supply it. We are happy to feed grain and supplements provided by you though we strongly discouraged the use of grain and encourage exploring a forage only diet. We have been a strict forage based/grain free program for the past eight years with less than 1% colic rate in thousands of horses, burros and mules.

Who will take care of my horse on a daily basis?

We are proud to have an experienced and professional team of horsemen and women who will care for your horse as if they were our own. Your horse will only be handled by professional trainers and knowledgeable caretakers each day.

What are the barn hours?

Yankee Folly Equestrian Center is open for boarders to visit their horses Tuesday-Sunday. Hours are 7AM to 8PM. We are closed on Mondays for maintenance.

Can I take lessons from Amber and Isidro?

Yes! We would be happy to work with you and your horse based on your goals together.

Will Amber and Isidro train my horse?

If you are interested in having your horse trained by Amber and Isidro, please visit our Training page to learn more about our programs.

What about veterinary care?

We are in the process of interviewing and vetting the area veterinarians for our personal use. You are welcome to have your personal veterinarian come and take care of your horse. We are happy to handle your horse for any veterinary needs provided you give us 24 hour notice and it is within business hours. For emergencies we are happy to assist any veterinarian with your horse 24/7. All visitors are required to sigh a release/waiver.

Who do you use for farrier work?

Isidro is the primary farrier for our personal horses and horses in our training programs. He is also available for trims only on boarding horses. We are happy to handle your horse for your personal farrier. We only require 24 hour notice and during our business hours. All visitors are required to sign a release/waiver.

What do you use for fly control?

We believe an integral part of a horse’s health is making sure we have a very effective fly control program. Flies bring so many health and well-being issues to horses. We use a safe feed through fly control that uses natural ingredients to deter flies from the horses. We do not use harmful chemicals. We also use fly predators to decrease the fly population as well as consistent manure management.

Can my chiropractor, massage therapist, or other therapist come to work on my horse?

Absolutely! We highly encourage these therapist for the health and welfare of horses. We are happy to assist with handling for these professionals if we receive a 24 hour notice and they come during business hours. All visitors are required to sign a release/waiver.

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