Find Your Heart Mustang!

Find Your Heart Mustang

What is the Heart Mustang Program?

We developed The Heart Mustang program to fill a need. The need was for well trained mustangs who were trained in the timeframe that allowed them to excel and not experience undue stress and trauma. The need for mustangs trained by experienced mustang trainers. The need to match mustangs with their new people. When all these things are in place we have found that mustangs have their best chance to excel in their new homes.

We personally go to the corrals or a storefront and hand pick mustangs for this program. We have extensive experience of selecting mustangs from sifting through thousands upon thousands over the past 14 years of training them. We pick these mustangs based on temperament, type, size, conformation and color. We then spend on average 10-18mths training these horses and cover all their vet, travel, care and much more costs while in the program. The cost of the program is based on those expenses, however, it is much more cost effective than paying for that all separately on your own. Please plan your budget for a horse receiving all this care and training accordingly.

What is a Heart Mustang?

There are two different levels of Heart Mustangs. They must meet all requirements before we are willing to release them to their new homes.


The Foundation Heart Mustang

The first level is the Foundation Heart Mustang. The Foundation Heart Mustang will be able to safely and confidently meet the following:

• Easily catch in pen or pasture

• Halter, lead and tie

• Be handled and ridden by different people

• Be groomed and bathed

• Able to be trimmed and have shoes (if they need them)

• Load, unload and trailer well

• Lunge well and send over obstacles

• Walk, trot and lope in arena relaxed and with cadence

• Stop, back and elementary collection

• Move off leg pressure

• Be ridden in snaffle and hackamore/bosal

• Neck reining started

• Be able to do a turnaround, forehand turn, side pass and leg yield

• Go confidently over a variety of obstacles

• Open and close gates

• Pick up rider from any object (rock, log, mounting block, fence)

• Go alone or in a group on the trail, ok being in front, back or middle

• Be hobble trained

• Go over cavalletti and jump less than 2'

• Be ridden in either English or Western tack

The Foundation Heart Mustang usually takes about 8-12months to train. Some may take a little less and some may take a little more. We do not rush them. Foundation Heart Mustangs will be suitable for an Intermediate-Advance Riders. They are also suitable for first time mustang owners.


The Elite Heart Mustang

The next level of Heart Mustang is the Elite Heart Mustang. Elite Heart Mustangs will be able to safely and confidently do all the Foundation Heart Mustang can do but will be more finished and accomplished in the following:

• Be ridden on multi-use trails and/or shown in competitions (per buyer need)

• Know how to drag

• Know how to pony another horse (or mule)

• Can be ridden in a snaffle, hackamore/bosal, shank and have some bridleless training

• Will know at least 2 tricks (lay down, bow, smile, spanish walk, sit, sit up)

• Can be ridden bareback and double

• Know how to neck rein

• Have extensive trail miles on rugged mountain trails

• Solid simple or flying lead change

• More advance collection established (per horse's ability)

The Elite Heart Mustang usually takes about 18-24months to train. Elite Heart Mustangs will be suitable for advanced beginners and some may be suitable for beginners and children.

What Makes This Program So Unique:

    Every Heart Mustang will have their journey from wild to ready chronicled via video. You get to watch your heart mustang through the stages of training journey so you really get to know them. Each Heart Mustang will have their own Case Study that you have access to forever.


    Every Heart Mustang will come with a complete health record showing all current vaccines, deworming, current Coggins, and current dental. That way you know they are healthy. If potential buyers would like to have x-rays and PPE, they may at their expense. Heart Mustangs will have their DNA tested to see which are the main breeds in their DNA and you will be provided with a report/certificate of breed(s).


    We will match you to the right Heart Mustang. You will fill out an interest form and we will have an interview to make sure we only recommend the Heart Mustangs that will have the best chance to become your dream horse.


    We understand that budgeting for mustangs of this caliber can be difficult and we are willing to work with you so you can get your dream horse. These are the best of the best and will be priced accordingly. Understand that we want them to have wonderful homes too so are willing to work with you and there are no hidden fees!


    While your Heart Mustang finishes their training you may come to our ranch and get lessons with them. You may also participate in any clinics we do while they are in training at no additional charge (at the location the horse is at).

How Can You Get A Heart Mustang?

Heart Mustangs will be posted to our website with current photos through their training journeys plus on all our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube). We will start accepting applications to purchase after they are posted. Clients with deposits on file will get first priority and first right of refusal on all Heart Mustangs before they are posted to the public.


Once you are matched with the Heart Mustang of your dreams, you can choose which training package you want for them. You can choose between the Foundation Heart Mustang program or go all the way and get the Elite Heart Mustang! You also get to make requests of what you would like your mustang to learn that is unique to your needs (within reason).


~Atlas Moon~


~IEH Gris~


~IEH Pegaso~



This gorgeous boy was hand selected for one of our Heart Mustang clients. We listened to what she wanted and found this handsome guy! He is a 4yo buckskin gelding from Roberts Mountain HMA in NV and stands 15hh. He is sailing through his training and we are so excited to get to work with him.



means "grey" in Spanish. Gris is a tall, leggy 16hh, 4yo steel grey mustang from the Twin Peaks, CA HMA. He still has some growing to do as well. He is built for performance and would be well suited to a home who wants to do big things. He is super sweet, level headed, tons of try and super smart. We are enjoying working with him so much!



means Pegasus in Spanish and he sure does fly! Pegaso will be competing in America's Next Top Youth competition in Lexington, KY this September. He will then finish the Heart Mustang Program. He is a 3yo, 14.3hh grey mustang from Roberts Mountain, NV HMA. He is eager to please, athletic and very smart.


~IEH Acero~


~IEH Chulo~


~IEH Nevado~


~IEH Dama~




means "steel" in Spanish. Acero is a 4yo gray BLM Mustang gelding from the Twin Peaks, CA HMA. He stands between 15.3-16hh and still growing. He is super sweet, brave and smooth mover. He loves cuddles and very curious. A budget Percheron!



means "cool" in Spanish. Chulo is a 5yo sorrel BLM Mustang gelding from the Little Colorado, WY HMA. He stands between 15-15.2hh and is a THICC boy! He has a gorgeous flaxen mane and tail. Chulo is so kind, sweet and brave. He wants to be friends and has zero fight in him. He is gonna be a solid cuddle bug.



means "snowy" in Spanish. Nevado is a 7yo appaloosa BLM Mustang gelding from Twin Peaks, CA HMA. He stands between 15.2-15.3hh. He is very sweet with tons of try and very brave and curious. He is build like a sport horse. He has along blonde tail that touches the ground! So rare for an appaloosa.



means "lady" in Spanish. Dama is a 6yo dun BLM Mustang mare from Divide Basin, WY HMA. She stands 15hh and is super thick. She has cool tiger stripes on her legs and shedding out to a deep golden coat with sooty undertones and beautiful dapples. She is very laid back and not much bothers her.

2023-2024 Heart Mustangs!

~IEH Tigre~


~IEH Tejon~


~IEH Tiro~


~IEH Puma~




means "tiger" in Spanish. Tigre is a 4yo roan buckskin BLM Mustang gelding from the Cedar Mtn, UT HMA. He stands 14.3hh. He is super sweet and friendly. He looks like he has a lot of Spanish blood in him and is sailing through his training with ease. This is a great all around mustang.



means "badger" in Spanish. Tejon is a 5yo grulla gelding from Twin Peaks, CA HMA. He stands 15.1hh. He is absolutely stunning and a lovely smooth mover. He has one of the easiest laid back temperaments! He gets along with any horse in the pasture and wants to be someone's western pleasure, laid back trail horse. He is an old soul sweetie heart.



means bullet/shot/throw in Spanish. He is a 4yo sorrel from Twin Peaks, CA HMA. He already stands 15hh and is still super butt high and growing. Tiro is extremely easy going and sweet. He retains his training well and is one of the easiest mustangs we have ever trained. He is not spooky and is very sensible. He is already going well under saddle and can be bought now or finish the program.



means "cougar" in Spanish. Puma is a 4yo buckskin mare from Fox Hog, CA HMA. She stands about 15.3hh and has exceptional conformation with loads of Spanish blood. She will be competing in both big mustang shows in Las Vegas in 2024 and is looking for the perfect owner to cheer her on then take her home after she wins it all!

All the 2022, 2023 & 2024 Heart Mustangs have their Case Study videos already uploaded to the Perpetual Training Toolbox. They will be updated regularly as they progress through our program.

What Others Have To Say

"I hit the jackpot with my new mare that I purchased from Amber and Isidro. Chancla is such a love and so well trained. Amber has always been there when I had questions regarding feed, tack, and training cues. I finally got to take her on a trail ride after all the rain finally passed. She was so calm that the other horses I was riding with just followed her lead. She continues to impress me on how smart and patient she is. Clear to me that she was trained with patience and love. Thank you, Amber and Isidro, she is perfect for me!" - Tina

"I just picked up the sweetest little filly mustang from Amber & Isidro and truly feel like I won the lottery. This filly is confident, curious and whip smart. She was clearly cared for extremely well during her time at their ranch. She is healthy with a gorgeous coat, mane and tail, and she loves people. The foundation on this filly is rock solid. Amber was easy to work with, responsive, and kind. I highly recommend Isidro Espinoza Horsemanship if you are thinking of adopting a mustang or need training."

- Sharen

"I purchased a mustang from Isidro and Amber in August and I can not say enough positive things about the entire experience. They were both such a pleasure to work with. This was my first time purchasing a horse and they made the experience so pleasant and smooth. They answered all of my questions, usually offering the information to be before I could even ask. They were so helpful in preparing Dante for pick up as well. They did extra trailer training with him in the two weeks prior to me picking up to ensure he would be comfortable as possible on his long drive. Once I got him home and began working with him myself, I could not be more impressed with the foundation they put on this horse. He is so quiet yet willing and responsive to everything that is asked of him. I have to pinch  myself everyday because I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found them. I got exactly the horse I was told I was getting and as a first time buyer I was nervous that would not be the case. I could not be more impressed and thankful for the honesty and authenticity of Isidro and Amber. Dante is everything I have ever dreamed of and I am so grateful to you both for all of the hard work and incredible foundation you put on him!"

- Randy

Meet Some Of Our Previous Heart Mustangs

Over the years we have developed many Heart Mustangs who are thriving in their homes and doing incredible things. Many have Case Studies on our Perpetual Training Toolbox already. Here are some of their stories:

Thriving as the first BLM Mustang ever imported to Finland and is being ridden bareback and bridless by her owner who gives us regular updates and posts their adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

We gave Despacito all the time he needed to become a happy and safe mustang. He also became a Top Ten endurance horse with us doing multiple LDs and 50 mile races. His owner adores him and is achieving her endurance dreams with him.

A wonderful mustang who just needed time, patience and understanding. He is an incredible trail horse and solid horse for a novice rider.

Champion makeover horse, decorated show record and now a safe, fun, playful and solid trail horse for her owner. Sold at the Diamonds In The Desert Premier Horse Sale.

One of our first Heart Mustangs. We slowly brought him along and now he is winning jumping competitions and gymkhana's with his owner.

A scared mustang we rehabbed and started under saddle. He had way more buttons on him than his purchaser new how to use and she rose to the challenge. He now rides in parades, does drill team and long trail rides with her.

Hand picked from the corrals and just graduated the Heart Mustang program and is a wonderful trail horse.

Also hand picked from the corrals and left with a solid foundation, loving people and a complete gentleman. He is adored by his person and winning in shows with his owner.

Picked for a makeover by Isidro and then spent another year in training. He is a joy to his person, solid trail horse, accomplished competition horse, friendly and anyone can rirst few rides so we know more about their temperaments to match them.


Hand selected filly from the Salt River Reservation Mustangs that we gentled and trained. She was then imported to Finland and is living a magical life and loved by her people.

Canelo & Cimarron

Hand selected from the Salt River Mustang herd on the Pima Maricopa Reservation. Gentled, saddle trained and turned into two lovely trail and family horses. They are thriving in their beautiful home in New York and dearly loved by their people.

Relampago aka "Lumpy"

The original Heart Mustang. My personal mustang who changed my life & started us on this mustang journey. Adopted in 2007 and passed away in 2022. Won many championships in all breed and mustang competitions. Safe for any level rider. - Amber.

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