We help people on their wild mustang journeys, from gentling to riding safely under saddle–developing the bonded partnership of their wildest dreams

Transforming the Lives of Horses Through Real Harmonious Partnership

At Isidro Espinoza Horse Horsemanship we are internationally recognized horsemen and women committed to transforming the lives of wild horses and their owners through world-class education and events. Our balanced training approach creates clear communication and real harmonious partnership that respects the horse's unique character and personality. Through our real transparent process we empower riders around the world with the skill-sets to safely and confidently work with their horse from wild and untouched to competition ready and everything in between.


Safely & Confidently Develop Your Horsemanship!

The Perpetual Training Toolbox is designed to help you learn, grow, and have fun building a deeper relationship with your horse through real full-length training sessions and courses with horses of all levels - from untouched wild horses & burros to solid riding horses. We show you how we build the foundation necessary to go in any performance direction.

What Others Have To Say

"I just picked up the sweetest little filly mustang from Amber and Isidro and truly feel like I won the lottery. This filly is confident, curious, and whip smart. She was clearly cared for extremely well during her time at their ranch. She is healthy with a gorgeous coat, mane and tail, and she loves people. The foundation on this filly is rock solid. Amber was easy to work with, responsive, and kind. I highly recommend Isidro Espinoza Horsemanship if you are thinking of adopting a mustang or need training."


"Isidro is a true horseman. He speaks horse and that's all you really need to know. But I will say that he is fair to the horses he trains and makes it easy for them to make the right decisions. He trained my seven year old mare and got her started. He was patient yet firm with her and she trusted him implicitly. I highly recommend Isidro to anyone but especially those who consider their horse family. Isidro and Amber will treat them as their own."

- Nicole

"I am so incredibly blessed and thankful to have gotten our gentled mustang from Isidro! Those first touches are so important and I am forever grateful that Isidro started this little gelding right! My boy is quiet, confident and curious and that all goes back to Isidro. BIG shout out to Isidro and Amber for their hard work, compassion and love for mustangs!! They are both incredibly honest and will look out for the needs of the horses first and foremost. If you are in the market for a gentled mustang, I HIGHLY recommend Isidro."


5 Steps to Fix a Bolting Horse

Have a horse who likes to bolt and get away from you or horse you don't want to learn this bad habit?

Download Our 5 Easy Steps to Fix Bolting!

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