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We update this page regularly. We will have everything from consignment horses, personal horses & burros, TIP mustangs & burros and anything else for sale or adoption. Please read the entire description to find out if they are for sale or are for adoption. Adoption animals will need approved BLM application on file with the BLM Online Corral. You can get your application approved now by clicking on the link below. If you are interested in a Heart Mustang, please visit The Heart Mustang Program page from the menu bar above.

To see corral and shelter requirements for you state to adopt a BLM mustang or burro please click the link below.

Meet Floral!

Floral is a yearling Jenny from Outside HMA near Ridgecrest CA


Your chance to own a Champion Burro!

Floral was the 2023 Temecula Valley TIP Challenge Youth Burro Champion. She is a yearling and is super little, sweet and cute!

Floral knows how to:

-Easily be caught, leads and ties

-Can be groomed, bathed and picks up all four feet

-Trots In-Hand

-Can lay down on cue

-She is amazing at obstacles, very brave

-She loads great on a trailer and is easy to haul even with horses

-She can do a turn on the haunch and turn on the forehand. Her side pass training is in progress.

Please complete the BLM Online Corral application (link above) and then contact us (link below).

Adoption transfer fee: $25 payable to BLM

Training fee: $1500 (will discount $500 if adopted with Dusk)

Floral is bonded with Dusk and we would really like them to go to a home together. Price negotiable to a home who wants both.

Located at: Yankee Folly Equestrian Center in New Paltz, NY

Meet Dusk!

Dusk is a yearling gelding from Black Mountain, AZ HMA


Dusk is a super friendly and silly yearling burro. He is best buds with Floral so a home that wants them both is strongly desired.

Dusk knows how to:

-Easily be caught, leads and ties

-Can be groomed

-Picks up front feet and is learning to pick up back feet

-He loads great on a trailer and is easy to haul even with horses

Dusk is titled so no need for BLM Application!

Sale Price: $1,000 (will sell for $500 if sold together with Floral)

Located at: Yankee Folly Equestrian Center in New Paltz, NY

Hauling available

Meet Leyenda!

Leyenda is a 4yo gray mare from Sheepshead-Heath Creek, OR HMA


Your chance to partner with us on a remarkable mare and cheer her on at the biggest mustang shows in the country!

Leyenda was adopted to compete in the new big mustang shows in 2024.

She will compete in the following shows:

-$25,000 Open Mustang Show in Franklin, TN, June 20-23rd, 2024 just outside of Nashville, TN.

-$125,000 Mustang Challenge (Western Show) at South Point in Las Vegas, NV, July 2024.

-$125,000 Mustang Classic (English Show) at the Horse Park in Lexington, KY, September 2024.

-Extreme Mustang Race (World Championship Extreme Cowboy Race Show) in Glen Rose, TX, November 2024.

As her owner you will get to cheer her on, get a portion of her winnings and then take home a seasoned show horse, trail horse, and phenomenal mustang trained by us!

Leyenda is an exceptional mustang. She stands 15hh already with a little more growing to do. She is very balanced, athletic, sensitive, loves attention and cuddles, responsive, brave, confident and extremely easy to train. She is by far one of our easiest mustangs to date. I have never felt so safe working with a mustang before. She has tons of Spanish blood in her and her fancy movement shows it. She has zero stranger danger and will be a horse anyone can ride once she is done with her training.

Purchase price: Private Treaty

Located at: Yankee Folly Equestrian Center in New Paltz, NY - hauling help may be offered.

Meet Tiro!

Tiro is a 4yo sorrel gelding from Twin Peaks, CA HMA

15hh and growing (will mature to about 15.2-16hh)


Tiro is a super laid back guy. This will be your bombproof horse when he is done growing and training. Tiro can be purchased currently at the listed price or continue on with the Heart Mustang Program. He is sailing through his training and by far one of the easiest dudes we have worked with. He has zero stranger danger and love attention.

Tiro's current training status:

-Super easy to catch in a stall or turnout, even with other horses

-Can be turnout easily with other horses

-Can be groomed and bathed

-Can be tied anywhere and trailers wonderfully

-Will pick you up from the mounting block

-Has completed our extensive ground work program

-Is currently walk, trot and lope under saddle in both the round pen and arena. Working on body control, lateral movement and more fluid back up.

-Is brave to go over obstacles

-Will start gaining his trail riding experience soon

-Has great bone and amazing feet (currently barefoot)

Tiro is fully titled by BLM so no BLM paperwork needed.

Sale Price: $7,500 (includes training through the end of March) or $6,000 to buy him now as is.

*option to keep him in the Heart Mustang Program as well with expected finish date of July 2024 for Foundation level.

Located at: Yankee Folly Equestrian Center in New Paltz, NY

Hauling available

Meet Dama!

Dama is a 6yo dun BLM Mustang mare from Divide Basin, WY HMA


Dama is a massive 15.1hh mare who weight about 1300lbs. She is very sweet and wants to please. Her current training status is:

-Walk and trot under saddle in the arena, working on lope

-Extensive ground work, very responsive

-Trained with +R and liberty work which she loves

-Needs a person who is not a heavy hand. Prefers gentle and patient approach. She is an overachiever.

-NOT spooky at all. Independent horse who has no problem leaving the herd.

-Dama would really like to bond with someone but she does not have stranger danger

-Great for teaching babies how to behave in a herd

Dama is fully titled and no need for any BLM paperwork.

Purchase price: $5,000

Dama is eligible to continue in the Heart Mustang Program. Her price will increase with training.

Located at: Yankee Folly Equestrian Center in New Paltz, NY - hauling help may be offered.

Meet Tejon!

Tejon is a grulla BLM Mustang gelding from Twin Peaks, CA HMA


Tejon has an exceptional temperament. He is confident and gets along with everyone in a herd. We use him to teach the others how to act right. We are not in a hurry to find him a home. Only considering the right fit. Otherwise we will keep him as a personal horse.

Tejon's current training status:

-Easy to catch in a pasture or stall

-NOT spooky at all, takes everything in stride

-Good ground work foundation

-Has been saddled multiple times

-Can be fully groomed and has been trimmed

-Has had teeth floated

-Currently prepping for first ride

Tejon is fully titled by BLM so no BLM paperwork needed.

Sale Price: Private Treaty

Located at: Yankee Folly Equestrian Center in New Paltz, NY

Hauling available

If you are interested in any of the animals we have for sale or adoption please use the link below to contact us and let us know which one you are interested in!

What Others Have To Say

"I hit the jackpot with my new mare that I purchased from Amber and Isidro. Chancla is such a love and so well trained. Amber has always been there when I had questions regarding feed, tack, and training cues. I finally got to take her on a trail ride after all the rain finally passed. She was so calm that the other horses I was riding with just followed her lead. She continues to impress me on how smart and patient she is. Clear to me that she was trained with patience and love. Thank you, Amber and Isidro, she is perfect for me!" - Tina

"I just picked up the sweetest little filly mustang from Amber & Isidro and truly feel like I won the lottery. This filly is confident, curious and whip smart. She was clearly cared for extremely well during her time at their ranch. She is healthy with a gorgeous coat, mane and tail, and she loves people. The foundation on this filly is rock solid. Amber was easy to work with, responsive, and kind. I highly recommend Isidro Espinoza Horsemanship if you are thinking of adopting a mustang or need training."

- Sharen

"I purchased a mustang from Isidro and Amber in August and I can not say enough positive things about the entire experience. They were both such a pleasure to work with. This was my first time purchasing a horse and they made the experience so pleasant and smooth. They answered all of my questions, usually offering the information to be before I could even ask. They were so helpful in preparing Dante for pick up as well. They did extra trailer training with him in the two weeks prior to me picking up to ensure he would be comfortable as possible on his long drive. Once I got him home and began working with him myself, I could not be more impressed with the foundation they put on this horse. He is so quiet yet willing and responsive to everything that is asked of him. I have to pinch  myself everyday because I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found them. I got exactly the horse I was told I was getting and as a first time buyer I was nervous that would not be the case. I could not be more impressed and thankful for the honesty and authenticity of Isidro and Amber. Dante is everything I have ever dreamed of and I am so grateful to you both for all of the hard work and incredible foundation you put on him!"

- Randy

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