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Theses are products we highly recommend, sell, and use.

Non-GMO Omega Oil for Horses

Excel Supplements

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Excel EQ

ExcelEQ ProElite

Excel Rescue

Excel"ing" treats

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Amazing grooming products

Bardsley Products

Equine grooming products formulated with natural botanical sources and blended with pure essential plant oils.

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Bardsley's Horse Wash

Bardsley's White Wash

Bardsley's Horse Shine

Bardsley's Tonic

Non-GMO Omega oil for K9s


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Will help your special furry family member with:

Skin and coat conditions

Healthy digestion

Joint pain and stiffness

Aids the immune and cardiovascular system and naturally aids in deworming.

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Little About Us

Rescue horse put in training:

Isidro and Amber are great to work with-honest, friendly, fair, and most importantly, they put the horse first.

Nancy O'Neill Lombardo trainer at Montgomery Creek Ranch

Horses put in training for a solid foundation

Wonderful people wonderful trainers! We were so pleased after our first horse we sent another.

Judy Wilson

Owner of EMM horse Gitana

VERY BEST TRAINERS! My mustang is so good and Isidro has made her that way. She came from the wild and is the best natured, sweet and well trained horse I have ever seen. They are gentle and use techniques that the horses understand. Highly recommend Isidro Espinoza.

Tamela Wilson

Respected area horsewoman

I know these trainers, and have seen the results of the training as well as how they train. I refer people to them with confidence and peace of mind.

Jolene McFarland

Local trainer and client

Incredible horseman, honest people to do business with. Highly recommend.

Lacey Dodd

Endurance horse training client

I can't say enough good things about Isidro and Amber. My Arab gelding just returned from 90 days of training, and has learned so much and come so far. Their methods are straightforward, common sense, soft and gentle, always with the horse's dignity and well-being in mind. Isidro is one of the most gifted trainers I've ever seen, if not the most. He makes it look easy. He and Amber are amazing horse people, so much so that I'm sending my other gelding to them later this summer. Highly, highly recommend!

Kimberly Burke

TIP Mustang client

I just got my TIP mustang home after being trained by Isidro. He is everything I hoped he'd be. He has wonderful manners as well as knowing all his TIP required training. I told Isidro and Amber what kind of horse I was looking for, and boy did they deliver! Great training and Great people

Jonathan Peal

Lesson client

While I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Isidro, the horsemanship I learned from Amber will stay with me forever. I trained with Amber while I was in high school, and during those socially awkward years, she was my mentor and inspiration. Not only did she teach me equitation and jumping, she taught my horse and I confidence and trust and countless life lessons.

I remember coming to Amber with a "project horse," that was slightly aggressive towards people and probably more than a 14 year old girl could handle, but Amber saw our potential and guided us on our journey together. She brought us along from groundwork to flatwork to competing in hunter/jumper shows. She gave a young girl the tools she needed to transform a horse and herself in the process. While I never had a fancy show horse like the girls I competed against, I had something far more valuable and something I would never exchange.

Jeni Forcier

Training and farrier client

I have owned horses and ponies since childhood .. and in my opinion, Isidro Espinosa has a true gift when it comes to horses. Never heavy handed , always humane .. and I have recommended him to many friends. Whether called upon for trimming/shoeing or training, he has been my first choice. He and his wife Amber are a awesome team. I am really impressed that they have chosen to include handling and training BLM mustangs ... as many trainers will not workl with them at all. As the proud owner of a BLM mustang .. I can honestly say, that my young mare "Lexie", was trained by the best trainer available. 

Denise Marcellus

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