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Excel Supplements

We have been feeding Excel Supplements to our horses and burros since 2016!!! We will always have this be a part of their diet after seeing the change in them! They shine, they feel amazing, they gain weight and so much more! We use ExcelEQ ProElite on our equines and ExcelK9 for our dogs. Plus the rescue can't be beat for fly repellant wound care!

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Redmond Equine

We love to use natural products on our horses ESPECIALLY mustangs who tend to be very sensitive to synthetic materials. Redmond Equine has the best natural minerals and salt for your equines. We are in selenium deficient NY and Daily Red is a staple in our forage feeding program. We highly recommend feeding loose salt over salt licks (which are designed for cattle). We let the horses decide what their body needs. Daily Gold is another staple in the feed of our horses with more sensitive tummies.

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Hay Chix Hay Nets

We have tried every hay net out there and these are the only ones that hold up and last. We love their panel feeders for our pens and large bale nets for our pastures. Round bale nets in our run-in sheds and half bale nets in our stalls. These hay nets are an integral part to our forage based/grain-free program and help decrease stress and anxiety. They mimic all day grazing which helps keep horses guts happy and healthy. These nets LAST! We still have the first net we bought in 2018 and use it daily.

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Bardsley Products

We love to support small business and especially small business with phenomenal products!!! We love their White Wash for those light colors, their Shampoo and Tonic for silky smooth hair and their Shine for that show ready finish! They use the best blends of safe products.

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Hay Chix Hay Nets

One of the biggest issues we see with horses coming into training, when we go to shows and wild mustangs are digestive issues. When their guts are unhappy they have all sorts behavioral issues such as spooking, picky eater, weight issues, anxiety, resistance, bucking, bolting, cribbing and many more. All our horses are on GutX and many are on OsteoMax (joint support). 100X Equine is more cost efficient and more effective than vet prescribed medication in our experience.

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Riding Warehouse

They test all their products by their horse riding staff! So you know you are buying stuff that works. Not to mention they have the fastest shipping of any tack store we have ever used. From endurance to jumping to reining, they got what you need. The only online tack store we use.

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See All Our Fav Products On Amazon

Visit our Amazon store to see all of our favorite must have products we use on the daily. We have sorted them into categories for easy browsing. You can also order shirts and sweatshirts with our logo!

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Big Loop Horsemanship Tack

We have worked closely with Manny at Big Loop Horsemanship to bring you a line of our must have training equipment. They are the official producer of our Safety Lariat for humanely roping wild horses. This is equipment we use daily in our programs.

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