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This is our life's work. We already have loads of how-to videos on there plus several case studies of problem horses and training wild mustangs from start to finish. Follow along on our latest case studies Eagle, Rayo and Ligero, as they go from wild to under saddle. You will also have access to our community where you can ask us questions anytime you want! We host a monthly Q&A Session where you get to ask us both training questions too! You also get to join a secret Facebook Group just for members.

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As a Patreon you will get exclusive access to over 80 training videos for a price that fits your budget! We usually post there about once a month so keep an eye out for those new videos!

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We regularly post videos about our life, training horses, makeover horses and other exciting content on our YouTube Channel. This is all free to you! Subscribe so you don't miss a single new video.

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